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Barba Di Cappuccino
Barba Di Cappuccino Mid-early.  Rustic tall plant with intense green leaves and bright borders.  Eas..
Catalogna Brindisina
Catalogna Brindisina early, upright tightly bunched head with green serrated leaves, white pronounce..
Catalogna Gigante Di Chioggia
Catalogna Gigante Di Chioggia Mid-early. Upright plant with a large closely wrapped head.  The inten..
Catalogna Pugliese
Catalogna Pugliese early.  Good sized upright rustic plant.  Dark green, long, serrated, bunched lea..
Catalogna Puntarelle A Foglia Stretta
Catalogna Puntarelle A Foglia Stretta Mid-early.  Good sized plant with good sized upright head.  Wh..
Da Taglio Bionda A Foglie Larghe
Da Taglio Bionda A Foglie Larghe early Rustic large leafed cut and come again with smooth rounded li..
Di Bruxelles
Di Chiavari
Di Chiavari Late.  Bright green, mid sized leaves with delicate white ribs.  The mid sized tap roots..
Grumolo Bionda
Grumolo Bionda early rustic plant with small green-blond leaves.  Leaves form a characteristic roset..
Grumolo Rossa
Grumolo Rossa Late.  Small bunches of intense red, rounded, meaty leaves.  In Spring they form their..
Grumolo Verde
Grumolo Verde Mid-early.  Rustic plant forming small leaf bunches of intense green. At the end of wi..
Orchidea Rossa
Orchidea Rossa early.  Good solid medium sized open head with completely red crunchy leaves...
Organic Chicory Rossa Di Verona
Organic Chicory Rossa Di Verona seeds are obtained from organic seasonal productive cycles.  Thanks ..
Palla Rossa Precoce
Palla Rossa Precoce is early.  Very tightly wrapped head of good dimensions.  Leaves are red with wh..
Palla Rossa Sel.
Palla Rossa Sel. "Agena" Late.  Plant with good resistance to cold weather and with a large tightly ..

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