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Summer Squash

Summer Squash
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Alberello Di Sarzana
Alberello Di Sarzana - Summer Squash Early Light green with white speckled skin.  Some ribbing.  Lar..
Bolognese - Summer Squash Early.  Short thick fruit, almost halfway between a typical zucchini and a..
Fiorentino - Summer Squash Early  Large trailing, plant with many flowers, and light green fruit.  F..
Genovese - Summer Squash Early  Vigorous productive variety. Light green skin without ribbing.  Exce..
Gold Rush Ibrido F.1
Gold Rush - Summer Squash Mid-early. Open air cross pollinated hybrid.  Bush variety.  Intense yello..
Greyzini Ibrido F.1
Greyzini Ibrido F.1 - Summer Squash Early  Open air pollinated hybrid variety producing good quantit..
Ibis Ibrido F.1
Ibis Ibrido F.1 - Summer Squash Early Open pollinated hybrid.  Vigorous plant producing grey/green, ..
Nero Di Milano
Nero Di Milano - Summer Squash Mid-Early.  Vigorous bush forming medium fruit with very dark green, ..
Organic Genovese Zucchini
Organic Genovese Zucchini seeds are obtained from organic seasonal productive cycles.  Thanks to org..
Romanesco - Summer Squash Mid-late Small mid-lenght fruits, slightly ribbed green with light stripes..
Serpente Di Sicilia
Serpente Di Sicilia - Summer Squash Mid-early.  Cuccuzi or Snake of Sicily  Fruit is long, curved wi..
Squash Blossoms
Squash Blossoms - Summer Squash Early.  Very vigorous plant of good production with intense green fo..
Striato D' Italia
Striato D' Italia - Summer Squash Early  Vigorous plant with good production.  Dark green with light..
Tondo Chiaro Di Nizza
Tondo Chiaro Di Nizza - Summer Squash Early  Round light green zucchini from the Nice region.  The v..
Tondo Di Piacenza
Tonda Di Piacenza - Summer Squash Early  Round, dark, green zucchini from Northern Italy (Parma).  S..

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