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America is a mid-late vigorous plant of good production, tender green blistered leaves of medium dim..
Andhalu is a mid-early variety with rounded blistered consistent leaves.  Good resistant to summer h..
Baby Leaf Spinach
Baby Leaf Spinach early, semi erect bunches. Smooth leafed variety with intense green colorations an..
Early 7 Ibrido F.1
Early 7 is a mid-early open pollinated hybrid.  A plant of good production, large blistered dark gre..
Gigante D' Inverno
Gigante D' Inverno Early, compact and vigorous growth.  Erect lance shaped leaves which are ample, l..
Hector Ibrido F.1
Hector Ibrido F.1 Mid-Early.  Open pollinated hybrid.  Semi erect bunches.  Smooth leafed variety wi..
Lorelay is a mid-late, good sized semi-upright plant with consistent dark green, slightly blistered,..
Matador Mid-Early.  Compact plant with vigorous growing habit.  Rounded leaves with slight blisterin..
Organic American Spinach
Organic American Spinach seeds are obtained from organic seasonal productive cycles.  Thanks to orga..
Scenic Ibrido F.1
Scenic is an open pollinated hybrid.  A vigorous plant with good production, good to be harvested in..
Viking is a mid-early variety.  It has semi erect bunches, and is a smooth leafed variety with inten..
Viroflay is an early, good-sized, semi-upright plant.  Annual.  This is a fabulous Spinach.  Grows t..
Merlo Nero
Spinach Merlo Nero. Bright green crinkled leaves. Big plant. Excellent taste. Like all spinach it do..

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