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Arugula - Coltivata
Italian Heirloom Arugula "Coltivata" Early This variety is a nutty, spicy, slightly peppery arugula ..
Arugula Rucola Coltivata Sel. Ortolani
Italian Heirloom Arugula "Coltivata Sel. Ortolani" Early Special selection cultivated arugula is muc..
Arugula Rucola Selvatica
Italian Heirloom Arugula "Rucola Selvatica" Wild Arugula  Compared to cultivated arugula, wild arugu..
Organic Arugula
Seeds are obtained from organic seasonal productive cycles.  Thanks to organically grown seeds, you ..
Italian Heirloom Arugula "Selvatica Wild Arugula" Early Compared to cultivated arugula, wild arugula..
Selvatica Foglia D'Ulivo
Arugula Olive Leaf  Selvatica "Wild" Arugula.  Olive-leaf shaped leaves.   Intensely aromatic, deli..

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